Tinha de ser numa Sexta-feira 13 - chegaram ao fim as emissões d'O Rádio É Um Gajo Estranho! Na próxima 2ª-feira, 16 de Julho, a RUC estreia na praia fluvial dos 107.9 a sua grelha bronzeada de Verão e, nostálgicos que somos, olhámos para o que andámos a fazer durante estes 9 meses... Que belo e estranho é este menino-rádio-pop!

Em estúdio, os 3 estarolas: João Pedro Sousa, José Afonso Biscaia e Sara Mendes! E o side-kick das sextas-feiras, Felipe Sentelhas, com a última crónica "O Rádio É Um Cara Bizarro"!

Duas horas de recordação de uma grelha, que foram mais ou menos assim...

01. Magic Numbers - Take A Chance (escolhido por Sara Mendes)
02. Page France - Hat And Rabbit (escolhido por João Pedro Sousa)
03. The Ghosts - Looking Right Back At Me (escolhido por José Afonso Biscaia)
04. Andrew Bird - Scythian Empire (escolhido por Sara Mendes)
05. Richard Swift - The Songs Of National Freedom (escolhido por João Pedro Sousa)
06. Misha - Losing (escolhido por José Afonso Biscaia)
07. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent A Wreck (escolhido por Sara Mendes)
08. Of Montreal - A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger (escolhido por João Pedro Sousa)
09. Ladybug Transistor - Here Comes The Rain (escolhido por José Afonso Biscaia)

A bela síntese informativa nem hoje fez folga... Ora tomai lá informaçã que nós voltamos já a seguir para... O Rádio É Um Cara Bizarro!

[Crónica "O Rádio É Um Cara Bizarro" por Felipe Sentelhas - O Centro-Oeste Brasileiro]
10.a) Nancy - Sambora
10.b) Multisofa - Odd Chord
10.c) Réu E Condenado - (Pois, oh Sentelhas, tens de avisar o pessoal que raio de tema era aquele...)

11. The National - Fake Empire (escolhido por Sara Mendes)
12. Vincent Delerm - If Fait Si Beau (escolhido por João Pedro Sousa)
13. Final Fantasy - This Is The Dream Of Win And Regine (escolhido por José Afonso Biscaia)
14. Malcolm Middleton - Fuck It, I Love You (escolhido por Sara Mendes)
15. Au Revoir Simone - Night Majestic (escolhido por João Pedro Sousa)
16. Low - Belarus (escolhido por José Afonso Biscaia)

... e para fechar em grande, a NOSSA banda sonora ...

17. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

"Olha, acabou!"

[Até para o ano...]

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1ª hora

1.Castanets - Bells Aloud
2.Grizzly Bear - Disappearing Act
3.Wax and Wane - Whistler
4.Wheat - Courting Ed Templeton
5.Benoît Pioulard - Ash into the Sky
6.Zelienople - Moss Man
7.Papercuts - Found Bird
8.Espers - Moon Occults the Sun
9.Akron/Family - Gone Beyond
10.Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan - Sis Around the Sandmill
11.Colleen - I'll Read You a Story

2ª hora

12.Matteah Baim - Up is North
13.Ignatz - The Dreams
14.Matthew Sawyer and the Ghosts - So So Glad You Came

Crónica 45 Rotações, por Isabel Lisboa

1.The Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie
2.Simon and Garfunkel - Bleaker St.
3.Cat Stevens - I Love my Dog

15.Sufjan Stevens - All the Trees in the Field Will Clap Their Hands
16.Sparrow House - You Sang Along
17.Peter and the Wolf - Fireflies
18.Ola Podrida - Cindy
19.Jackie-O Motherfucker - Native Einstein
20.The Microphones - I Want the Wind to Blow

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4ª feira - 4 de Julho de 2004

1ª hora

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 10x10
2. Electrelane - To The East
3. Spoon - Don't Make Me a Target
4. Interpol - Pioneer to the Falls
5. Terribly Empty Pockets - Cleft Foot
6. New Pornographers - Chellengers
7. Benoît Pioulard - Triggering Back
8. Jens Lekman - Pocket Full of Money
9. Leopold - She Said
10. Woodpigeon - That Was Good But You Can Do B.
11. Magic Arm - You Should Know


1. Architecture in Helsinki - Heart it Races
2. Montag - Going Places
3. Beirut - Fountains and Tramways
4. The Sea and Cake - Coconut
5. Tar... Feathers - You Are Lucky To Have Nothing
6. Mice Parade - Sneaky Red
7. Handsome Furs - What We Had
8. Interpol - Heinrich Maneuver
9. The Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight
10. The Ladybug Transistor - Here Comes The Rain
11. Saturday Looks Good To Me - Ultimate Stars
12. Feist - Past In Present
13. Pand Bear - Ponytail
14. Junior Boys - In The Morning
15. Blonde Redhead - Dr. Strangeluv

Fabiana Silva

29 do 6


- Man Research
LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
The Dead 60's - Riot Radio
Klaxons - Forgotten Words
B.R.M.C. - 666 Conducer
Feist - I Feel It All
Rufus Wainwright - Between My Legs
Gruff Rhys - The Court Of King Arthur
Githead - Drop


Crónica de Felipe Sentelhas, O Rádio é um Cara Bizarro

Karnak - Alma Não Tem Cor
Pato Fu - Pinga
Mundo Livre S.A. - Mexe Mexe

Of Montreal - Faberge Falls For Shuggie
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Monster
The National - Fake Empire
Faris Nourallah - Ay Carlo
Queens of the Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick
Art Brut - St. Pauli
Headlights - Lullabies
The White Stripes - Effect and Cause
Editors - Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
The Cinematics - Race to the City
Sebadoh - Yellow Submarine

Rui Oliveira

5ªfeira - 28 de Junho de 2006

1ª hora

1. Wodpigeon - Jonathan Ashworth Rollercoaste
2. Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
3. The Ladybug Transistor - Here Comes the Rain
4. The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me
5. Magic Arm - Outdoor Games
6. The Maccabees - Thoothpaste Kisses
7. Dawn Landes - Young Folks
8. Andrew Bird - Armchairs
9. Aurevoir Simone - Fallen Snow
10. The Clientele - These Days Nothing But Sunshine
11. Husky Rescue - Diamonds in the Sky
12. Handsome Furs - Cannot Get Started
13. Blonde Redhead - Dr. Strangeluv
14. You Say Party! We Say Die! - Monster


1. The Concretes - A Whale's Heart
2. Hot Chip - The Warning
3. Montag - Going Place
4. Deerhoof - Matchbook Seeks Maniac
5. Stereolab - Perculator
6. LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
7. Laura Viers - Galaxies

------Fish and Chips----------
A divulgação do mais recente Pop/Rock Britânico na voz de Carla Santos

1. The Dykeenies - New Ideas
2. Jamie T - Operation
3. Kubicheck - Just Shut it Down
4. Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye

8. Wolf Parade - Modern World
9. Thee More Shallows - The Dutch Fist

Fabina Silva

(Id3 + P) + E2 = IdT ... A equação da indietrónica ao longo de duas horas.

01. Blur A spell for money
02. Feist Honey, honey
03. Bénoit Pioulard Ext. Leslie Park
04. Young Galaxy lazy religion
05. Dntel To a fault (feat. Grizzly Bear)
06. Montag Mechanical kids
07. Magic Arm DAQ
08. Stars Your ex lover is dead (feat. Owen Pallett)
09. Sol Seppy 1 2
10. Au Revoir Simone Hurricanes
11. Montag No one else (feat Amy Millan)
12. Euros Childs Henry a Matilda supermarketsuper
13. Stereolab Perculator
14. Architecture in Helsinki Heart it races

Resolvida a equação, altura para uma crónica assinada por Carla Santos e uma segunda metade um pouco menos matemática.

01. Stars Ageless beauty (feat. The Most Serene Republic)
02. Architecture in Helsinki Hold music
03. The Blow Baby (eat a critter, feel its wrath)
04. Montag Best boy electric
05. The Fiery Furnaces Tropical ice-land
06. Of Montreal Gronlandic edit
07. Hefner Love will destroy us in the end
08. Shannon Wright In the morning

14.02 exit.

Programa realizado por Pedro Sousa.


Hoje é mais uma sexta feira...

No inicío do Verão, mais uma dose dupla de música para acompanhar as horas de almoço (ou pequeno-almoço!) de quem ouve estre estranho rádio:

1ª Hora

Andrew Bird - Heretics
Gruff Rhys - Candylion
The Good The Bad and The Queen - The Good The Bad and The Queen
Asobi Seksu - Citrus
Field Music - Sit Tight
Of Montreal - Heimsdalgate Like a Promethean Curse
Hot Chip - Careful
CocoRosie - Japan
Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl
Deerhunter - Cryptograms
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance
The Magic Numbers - Take a Chance
Shannon Wright - Defy This Love

2ª Hora

Shannon Wright - Louise
Joan As a Police Woman - The Ride
The National - Start a War
Sol Seppy - Come Running
Radical Face - Winter is Coming
Blur - Ambulance
Feist - Mushaboom
My Latest Novel - Sister Sneaker Sister Soul
Patrick Wolf - Overture
Belle and Sebastian - The Monkeys are Breaking Out the Zoo
Isobel Campbell - O Love is Teasin'
Emilie Simon - Vegetal
Radiohead - The Bends

Rui Oliveira

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Uma terça feira em Junho

1ª Hora

the raveonettes - love in a trashcan
bloc party - hunting for witches
malcolm middleton - fuck it i love you
sonic youth - rats
of montreal - suffer for fashion
hot chip - over and over
architecture in helsinki - maybe you can owe me [wait and see remix by qua]
shannon wright - in the morning
shannon wright - steadfast and true
vincent delerm - sous les avalanches
inara george - fools in love
the low lows - velvet
electrelane - tram 21
feist - my moon my man

2ª Hora

jarvis cocker - black magic
klaxons - magick
tv on the radio - i was a lover
lcd soundsystem - north american scum

crónica a pop diz freud, por carlo patrão

belle and sebastian - like dylan in the movies
shannon wright - st. pete
shannon wright - you baffle me

realizado por: Rui Oliveira

13 de Junho

(1ª hora)
- robert wyatt, sunday in madrid, sheep (1997)
- loose fur, racoonists, loose fur (2003)
- wilco, handshake drugs, a ghost is born (2004)
- yo la tengo, the race is on again, im not affraid of you and i will beat
your ass (2006)
- pavement, stereo, everything is nice - the matador records 10th
anniversary anthology (1999)
- adam green, down on the street, gemstones (2005)
- kiss my jazz, easy money, in a service station (1999)
- the magnetic fields, i don't believe you, i (2004)
- wooden wand, james and the quiet, james & the quiet (2007)
- panda bear, serach for delicious, person pitch (2007)
- serge gainsboug, cannabis, cannabis soundtrack (1970)
- little annie, freddy ad i, songs from the coldmine cannary (2006)
- animal collective feat. vashti bunyan, prospect hummer, prospect hummer
- stereo total, moviestar, oh ah oh (1996)

(2ª hora)
- stereo total, supercool, jukebox alarm (1998)
- air, sexy boy, moon safari (1998)
- the honeymoon killers, wait and see, le tueurs de la lune de miel (1983)

kalmar (crónica de pedro galinha)

- paavoharju, musta katu, yha hämärä (2005)
- people like us, clying down your wyes down to your throat (2004)
- gang gang dance, glory in itself/egyptian, god's money (2005)
- yonderboy, ohne chanteuse, shallow and profound (2000)
- mr. scruff, champion nibble, trouser jazz (2002)
- primal scream, loaded, screamadelica (1992)

realizado por:
Álvaro Mendes

1ª hora

1.Fog ft. Alan Sparhawk + Mimi Parker - What's Up, Freaks?
2.Dntel ft. Grizzly Bear - To a Fault
3.Panda Bear - Good Girl/Carrots
4.Lilys - The Turtle That Died Before Knowing
5.Eluvium - Repose in Blue
6.Bowerbirds - Olive Hearts
7.Bill Callahan - Sycamore
8.James Blackshaw - The Cloud of Unknowing

2ª hora

9.Shannon Wright - Defy This Love
10.Micah P. Hinson - Drift Off to Sleep
11.Micah P. Hinson - Letter from Huntsville
12.Richard Swift - Dressed Up for the Letdown

Crónica "45 Rotações", por Isabel Lisboa

1.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Carry On
2.The Hollies - I Can't Let Go
3.The Byrds - Feel a Whole Lot Better

13.Sir Richard Bishop - Rudra's Feast
14.Adem - Warning Call
15.Sparrow House - Blindfold Waltz
16.Shannon Wright - When the Light Shone Down
17.Parenthetical Girls - Stolen Children
18.Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles

José Afonso Biscaia

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O Rádio é um Gajo Estranho

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